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Holistic drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs offer a different method to addiction recovery. Holistic centers teach you to focus on all areas of your health: mind, body and spirit. This type of program allows clients to focus on healing each area of their life in order to help stop the use of drugs or alcohol.

Why Choose a Holistic Rehab?

People turn to drugs and alcohol for various reasons. Some may end up addicted to drugs from trying to medicate a physical problem, yet others will attempt to numb themselves to avoid psychological or emotional pain or spiritual emptiness. Often, individuals that are struggling with addiction do not know which specific area they need to address while in treatment. With a holistic drug rehab program, these individuals are able to focus on all three areas of their health, thus having the best chance of reaching their problem area(s) and remaining drug-free.

What Do Holistic Drug Rehab Programs Offer?

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A holistic drug rehab program provides clients with the ability to improve all areas of their health and life. During one’s stay at the facility, you may participate in various activities that attempt to address the mind, body and spirit. These exercises may be counseling, exercise or even meditation.

While there are many differences between traditional drug rehab programs and holistic treatment programs, there are also many similarities. Offering extra benefits, coupled with traditional support groups and counseling, you can expect some of the following benefits:

  • Healthy meal plans
  • Physical Activity
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Alternative therapy (art, music, etc.)

In addition to the extra benefits offered by a holistic treatment program, the facilities are usually set in nature, as this is considered an important part of healing in the recovery process. The facilities are generally located in the mountains, near a lake or other scenic areas to promote healing in the individuals.

Who Can Benefit from Holistic Addiction Treatment?

Anyone that has the desire to obtain sobriety can benefit from a holistic drug rehabilitation facility. These programs are considered an alternative type of treatment because they do not follow the traditional 12 step model or dual diagnosis programs. Many who have tried traditional treatment without success will enroll into a holistic program to attempt a different approach for overcoming addiction.

Regardless of whether you have been to traditional treatment before or not, a holistic drug rehabilitation center may be the best choice for you.

What To Look for in a Holistic Drug Rehab Program

As with any type of drug rehab program, you should evaluate the program carefully to ensure that a holistic drug rehabilitation program is right for you. When evaluating a program, there are several factors you should consider, including treatment options, length of program, and cost.

What treatment options are available?

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It’s important that you choose a program that offers a wide range of addiction treatment options because there is no one size fits all when it comes to addiction recovery. This means you should find out what types of therapy and activities are provided, as well as if you are able to opt out of certain activities.

In addition to this, you should see if their treatment plan is the same for all participants or if staff customizes each person’s treatment plan to ensure maximum success. Some facilities do not offer customized treatment plans, which makes it essential that you find this out prior to enrolling.

How long is the program?

Most treatment programs offer various lengths of stay at their program as well. These could range from 30 to 90 days, or even longer for some programs. Although some individuals do well with just 30 days of treatment, many clients need longer to recover.

Check with the facility and see if you are able to sign up for a shorter period and then extend your stay, if needed, to ensure a long lasting recovery.

How much does the program cost?

The cost for a holistic drug rehabilitation program is generally higher than traditional programs due to the quality of food and extra services provided to participants. It’s important to compare prices and services with the facilities you are considering.

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What is the success rate?

While you should not expect a treatment facility to have a 100% success rate, the program should still have a relatively high success rate. All facilities should be able to provide you with a current success rate. If the facility has a very low success rate, you should probably start looking elsewhere.

What are the staff credentials?

Holistic rehabilitation programs do not generally have a large medical staff, but the facility should have at least one medical doctor and psychotherapist on staff. In addition to this, the remaining staff needs to have extensive knowledge of addiction and addiction treatment.

Seeking Treatment at a Holistic Drug Rehab Program

Once you have decided that a holistic drug rehab program is right for you, try to visit the facilities in person or interview the intake counselor over the phone if traveling is not feasible. You will want to ensure that you will be comfortable at the facility and able to talk with the staff members when problems arise or personal issues need to be addressed. This will be essential to your recovery, for you will need to be open about all areas of your life with the staff members at the treatment facility you choose to enroll in.