What are the advantages and disadvantages of a luxury drug rehab?

Around the nation, there are an unlimited number of treatment options available to those seeking drug rehabilitation, yet not all facilities are created equal when it comes to quality of care. Some centers are not as well-maintained as others, and may be in poor condition upon the client’s arrival. Potential for shortcomings among staff at some rehabilitation centers is another reason why certain families may choose to invest more in treatment over simply choosing value. Many lower-cost facilities focus mainly on group therapy to reduce expenses. Instead of receiving individualized attention, clients may experience excessive distractions in these types of environments, and effectiveness of the treatment could suffer.

In those specific situations where a client finds neither a publicly funded treatment program, nor a classic private drug rehab meets their recovery needs, there is still the option of a more exclusive luxury rehabilitation center. If you have heard of these before, you may have the misconception these facilities are only for celebrities, but that’s not true. Some clients feel that the amenities available at these facilities are worth the additional financial investment and can assist with their recovery. We agree that following your own path towards long-term sobriety is the ultimate goal regardless of the type of facility chosen.

What is a luxury drug rehab?

A luxury drug rehabilitation center is a higher-cost private facility with the best amenities that treatment can provide. Programs focus on promoting physical as well as emotional health, even including gourmet chefs on-site. Facilities like this are usually placed in remote, scenic locations where the client’s privacy is a top priority. Expect to have the choice of a private room, or you may select a semi-private option if you feel you may benefit from the company of a roommate. Above everything else, luxury rehabilitation centers give clients every opportunity to relax and focus on their recovery.

The best possible staff

Luxury drug rehabs do not receive state funding, which means they are completely funded by the clients that attend the programs. Due to this, the luxury rehabilitation center’s only obligation is to the patients at the facility. Luxury rehabilitation centers want to provide the best care to their clients, and tend to hire the most experienced recovery specialists.

Very often the specialists who provide care at luxury drug rehabilitation centers have experience with multi-dimensional therapies. If one course of action does not work for a client, the multi-dimensional therapy recovery specialist is able to adjust the therapy until a method is achieved that best serves the client’s recovery. In addition, luxury rehab centers have an improved staff to patient ratio over other facilities, which allows for maximum individualized, focused attention for each and every patient.

Personalized Rehabilitation

Personalized, luxury rehabilitation centers are able to adjust to the client’s needs physically, mentally and emotionally. Intensive one-on-one counseling is essential when in treatment. Individual treatment provides the therapist with the opportunity to get to know the client in a uniquely personal way, allowing the staff to focus upon each person instead of only attempting to treat inconspicuous parts of a group.

Higher Level of Medical Care

Clients can expect only the best physical care when selecting luxury rehabilitation treatment, as these centers are able to hire exceptional physicians. This is an incredibly important factor when treating clients with existing medical needs, and/or those clients who must undergo medical detox before transitioning to treatment. It is important not to overlook the necessity of preparing for detox prior to beginning treatment, as it is one of the most important aspects of starting down the road to a successful recovery.

Peaceful Surroundings

One of the benefits to selecting a luxury drug rehabilitation center is that clients are surrounded by others who can relate to their experience. The ability to connect with others who understand your journey is a vital aspect of recovery. Often, state-funded facilities treat patients who are not there by choice, but rather have been court-ordered drug rehabilitation as part of a criminal adjudication. Bearing in mind that the goal of drug rehabilitation should be long-term sobriety, the importance of choosing an environment most likely to facilitate lasting changes in the client’s behavioral health cannot be overstated. Clients that pay for treatment out of pocket tend to be more motivated, ready for change, and are surrounded by others that share similar goals.

The best chance at recovery

Most families dealing with addiction desire only the best care for everyone involved, especially for the member in treatment. Luxury rehabilitation comes with considerable financial cost because it is a great investment, not only for the person in treatment but for the family and community as a whole. The number one goal of clients seeking drug rehabilitation treatment is to locate a facility most likely to help them or their family member achieve lasting sobriety. The additional services provided through luxury treatment centers can help enable some clients in ways that alternative treatment centers may fall short.

Downsides of luxury Drug Rehabilitation Programs

All rehabilitation programs have flaws; Luxury private treatment is no different in that aspect. Here are some of the less-positive aspects of selecting higher-cost care:

  • The Costs. Luxury drug rehabilitation is much more expensive than state-funded or classic private treatment programs. Most clients simply cannot afford luxury treatment centers. For most people, there are more cost-effective options available.
  • The Location. In order to provide the privacy and scenic ambiance clients expect, luxury drug rehabilitation centers are generally found in remote locations. This means that it is much less likely that you will find a luxury facility close to home, and much more likely that family members will need to make costly travel arrangements arrangements when visiting.
  • Feeling Isolated. Clients often state that they feel connections made while in treatment are vital to their continued recovery. We know that a building a strong support system is one of the necessary components of moving beyond addiction, along with learning how to positively contribute to the community. In luxury rehabilitation centers, it is possible that some patients may have a natural tendency to “stick to themselves” or isolate, which could inhibit progress. The nature of luxury treatment centers allow for this privacy, whether beneficial or otherwise, whereas alternative treatment centers simply can not.

Find what works for you

Recovery from drug and alcohol abuse is always a challenge. The goal of long term sobriety is not to be underestimated – but it is worth working towards! You want to find a center that is willing to put in as much effort as you are. Our staff will do the best we can to help you select a center that meets all of your needs. We can help make your decision and the enrollment process as simple as possible. Don’t wait…Call now to start the journey towards sobriety today!