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Alcohol Abuse In Underaged Teens

In For Parents by Rebecca Flad

Alcohol abuse is the most common form of addiction in today’s society. People of all ages drink alcohol and develop a problem, relying on alcohol to solve their problems or relieve stress. The amount of teenagers that abuse alcohol has gone down over the past few years, but it does not mean there are kids out there who aren’t addicted. Instead, let’s acknowledge them and try to figure out how such an addiction can come into the picture.

Users of alcohol fall under one of three categories:

  1. Casual drinkers
  2. Heavy drinkers
  3. Binge drinkers

Teenagers fall under the category of binge drinkers. This means when they are drinking alcohol it’s not merely one glass here or one glass there, instead it’s ten glasses and five shots back to back. Of course, the number of drinks they have might not be so high, but consecutive drinks back to back within a short period of time qualifies as binge drinking.

Why do teens abuse alcohol?

Lack of mental capacity

Alcohol abuse in teens can be a direct result of the lack of mental capacity they have. They are unable to fully comprehend consequences for their actions, so binge drinking is not a big deal to some. Some may not even be aware of the consequences of underaged drinking, and so they drink unknowingly.

Problems at home

Teenagers, believe it or not, struggle with pressure, stress, anxiety and tension. Yes, much like us adults. A lot of the time they are trying to find themselves and understand who they are. When their are problems at home such as abuse or mistreatment, teenagers may turn to alcohol as an outlet. This is also common in adults. Teens see this as an outlet for adults and, in turn, see it as an outlet for themselves. A lot of the time teens can find themselves not coming back home, drinking instead. Or, if they are home, they will be locked up in their room drinking.

Social issues and peer pressure

Another direct result of alcohol abuse in underaged teens can be peer pressure. You’d be surprised how many kids are walking around with a form of alcohol in their backpack. Unfortunately, it is common in today’s society. Teenagers are often forced to drink because of their “friends.” They are pressured into it constantly. They then develop a problem and begin abusing it themselves. The result of trying to impress or fit in can be long-term alcohol addiction.

The results of underaged drinking

Teenagers who drink alcohol are susceptible to brain damage, delayed puberty, stunting of growth, sexual assault, injury and more. Alcohol can badly affect the body of an underdeveloped teenager, but it can also lead to sexual assault and injury due to coherency. A teenager under the influence of alcohol can easily be found in a car crash or sexual activity that lacked consent.

If you believe your child is suffering from alcohol abuse or addiction please contact Drug Rehab Solutions today.