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Why is Drug Addiction Treatment so Hard to Find?

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The number of people suffering from drug addiction and abuse rise steadily as the years’ pass. This doesn’t mean there is a place for everyone in a drug addiction treatment center, however. Actually, there are fewer spots in a treatment center than there are addicts in the U.S. There are nearly 50,000 deaths a year associated with drug or substance use, and Americans are the culprits for consuming the most amount of drugs, whether prescribed or not, in the entire world.

Many of the drug-related deaths in American could have been avoided if the victims were given an appropriate amount of care and rehabilitation. Not everyone addicted to drugs and/or substances are, however, able to find a suitable treatment program or center. This could be so for a number of reasons, including the lack funds or even willpower. So why exactly is drug addiction treatment so hard to find?

Rehab Centers Won’t Let you in if You’re Seeking Help for a┬áMental Disorder

Many of those who abuse drugs and substances can associate their use with stress, depression, anxiety and/or another mental disorder. This can be related to the term “self-medication,” as most abusers do not seek professional help but would rather take matters into their own hands. When that person finally decides to see a health care professional for their, potential, mental condition, drug rehabilitation centers no longer are accessible.

More than half of drug users associate their addiction with mental health issues. Many drug addiction treatment centers and programs lack the funds to equip their staff with knowledge of both mental health issues and drug addiction issues. Of course, their staff with have a developed understanding on how to treat patients with a drug addiction problem rather than a mental disorder. In turn, they turn away patients who associate their addiction with a mental health issue.

There are Long Waiting Lists

Most of the best drug addiction treatment facilities in the U.S. have a waiting list. When substance abusers are told to wait, most of the time, they turn towards drugs to pass the time. They see it as, well, they’ve already signed up, so they’ll just use until they actually start the treatment. Then, when the times comes, they feel as though they’ve already given recovery a chance during the waiting process, so there is no reason to even start the treatment now since they know they would not be able to complete it anyway. It is a full circle when that person decides to get on the waiting list again. For a second time they’ll start using while they wait to be called, they won’t even bother to attend.

Drug Addiction Treatment Centers don’t want Felons

Unfortunately, drug and substance abuse tend to lead toward crimes and criminal acts. That can range from getting a DUI to manslaughter as a result of being under the influences of drugs and/or substances. Either way, drug addiction treatment facilities get a sour face when they come across a patient with a criminal record. Of course, they want to help anyone and everyone who comes their way, but many of these facilities draw the line when it comes to a felon or classified criminal. This is not because of discrimination, but it is rather because of the chances of that person committing criminal acts while in the center’s hands. Many patients need a clean record for at least a year prior to applying for a treatment center.

Drug Addiction Treatment

It is both unfortunate and disadvantageous, but these few preventions should be taken into consideration when beginning to look into a drug addiction treatment program. Luckily, solutions are available all around you.