Sober on Halloween

5 Tips for Staying Sober on Halloween

In For Addicts by Rebecca Flad

No matter where you are, there will always be family and friends celebrating halloween. While some celebrate with dressing up in costumes and going trick or treating, others get dressed up and go to parties. Staying sober on Halloween could be a tough task if you’re no longer a teen or young adult. The true trick of staying sober on this holiday is to keep yourself busy whether it’s with holiday activities or something else. Here are our 5 tips for staying sober on Halloween.

1. Hand Out Candy

If you’re not sure about what you’re going to be doing Halloween night, plus you live in a populated neighborhood, you could slip into a local pharmacy and grab a bag of the good stuff. On what you would have spent on alcohol, spend it on candy. You’ll spend time handing out candy rather than getting high or relapsing. These times could be harsh on a recovering addict, and it’s important to have some sort human interaction. This can be achieved when you’re handing out candy to children while having small talk with the parents.

You could even brew up some coffee or cider for the family adults who can’t stand the sight of another candy bar! It’s a great opportunity to meet people in your community and form some new relationships as you bond over the holiday. Staying sober on Halloween seems like no task when you take this route.

2. Be the Designated Driver

With so many people going out and partying on Halloween night, you’re likely to be apart of a group that wishes to do some parting themselves. Staying sober on Halloween when you’re friends want to dress up and go drinking can seem nearly impossible, unless you’re the designated driver. If going out is an absolute must for you, let your friends know that you’ll be the designated driver. Not only will this keep you sober, but it’ll encourage your friends to not offer you any alcohol during the night.

3. Throw a Party

While trying to stay sober on Halloween, it could be a good idea to throw an alcohol-free party for your friends and family. Have them bring their kids over and make a night of it. You could make candy available for the kids and seasonal pumpkin spice drinks for the adults.

If you host your own party, you’ll be in charge of the type of people you have over as well as any refreshments made available. Choosing whether to have a completely alcohol-free or selective alcohol night, it’s your choice as the party host.

4. Make it a Movie Night

If you’re not in the mood to go out or spend time handing out candy to kids, you could stay in and make a festive movie night out of the holiday. Invite your family and friends or just stay at home alone while you get comfortable and watch a few spooky flicks. Whether you’re alone or with friends, a movie night is a perfect distraction to stay sober on Halloween. Have a marathon of the films you love and used to watch as a child when the Halloween season came around.

5. Find a Support Group

Times like these can be unbearable if you’ve been a casual drinker in the past. Halloween could have been a major day for you and your friends where you went out and got drunk. Nowadays, you’re staying sober and looking for ways to avoid drinking on a holiday where you would normally get in a drink or two. The ideal way to avoid drinking is to find a support group. Gather a group of friends and family, go out to an AA meeting or find a 12-step program open late night. Many places are open 24hrs a day if you wish to find a local group. Or gather your friends and family and let them know you need help staying sober during the holiday.