2017 drug trends

2017 Drug Trends

In For Addicts by Rebecca Flad

Drug use will, unfortunately, always be around. Despite that, staying informed about new drugs and current drug trends should be in the back of everyone’s brain. Drugs and addiction isn’t something that could be brushed off or pushed to the side, because it surrounds us even in the most uncommon of ways. Drug trends to watch for as 2017 comes to an end, ¬†we’ve noticed a spike in synthetic and designer drug use.

Synthetic Drugs

Synthetic, or designer, drugs are manmade through the use of chemicals. They are meant to mimic “natural” drugs and stimulants to be sold cheaper and marketed as legal. Synthetic drugs often pose as it’s counterpart which results in accidental overdose and other drug related deaths. Since these drugs are chemically made, they can be synthesized to be much more potent than traditional or natural drugs.

Drug Trends

2017, just as every other year, brought more designer drugs into the world, therefore increasing drug use and death as the year passes. Drug use and addiction is truly an epidemic in the United States. Millions are affected every single year by drug use, so it’s important for drug trends to get recognized. Here are the top 2017 drug trends.

2017 Drug Trends