How Will The New Tax Reform Bill Affect Those Looking for Treatment?

How Will The New Tax Reform Bill Affect Those Looking for Treatment?

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The U.S. Senate recently passed a tax reform bill that repealed the Affordable Care Act’s individual health insurance mandate. Yeah, it sounds like a bunch of gibberish at the moment, but you’ll soon realize its meaning and how it may affect you or a loved one seeking treatment.

It has been said that the reason for this is to give Americans the freedom of choosing their preferred health care coverage instead of having health insurance chosen for them. Unfortunately, the new tax reform bill will cause health insurance coverage plans and premiums to rise in price. This, in turn, makes it much harder for the average American to afford, making addiction treatment and recovery programs nearly impossible to enroll in.

Limited Treatment

With premiums rising in the healthcare industry, drug and alcohol addiction treatment rates will also rise. This makes it much harder to recover from an addiction, and you may end up discouraged about getting sober overall. However, it shouldn’t be entirely pushed out of your mind, as there are many programs made available that you may be able to qualify for depending on your current living status and insurance.

Drug rehabilitation programs and treatment centers typically offer a variety of treatment packages and programs available to those looking to recover. With many treatment programs made available to individuals of all income rates, there may be treatment available to you. Whether or not you have insurance, there are always addiction treatment centers open to the public.

Lack of Insurance

With limited treatment options available to those with health insurance, there may be individuals without health insurance altogether. It has been predicted that millions of people will lose their health insurance in the next year due to the new tax reform bill. Within twenty years, there will be nearly 13 million people across the United States without healthcare coverage. This is directly due to the bill and its impact of the cost of health insurance.

The tax penalty for those without health insurance, however, is a much greater cost than standard coverage packages. This, designed to encourage everyone to have healthcare coverage, will make it much harder to obtain proper healthcare. In the end, the more people who don’t purchase health insurance, the high the cost is for standard premiums, inflating the cost altogether. This will greatly impact those looking not only for addiction treatment, but treatment for cancer, disease and other health issues as well.

Your Options

The impact of the new tax reform bill will make living much harder for those with illness or are suffering addiction, despite its efforts to do just the opposite. However, there are options available to those with limited or no insurance. There are many programs made available specifically for those affected by the new tax reform bill that are looking for addiction treatment, and you can find some of them here. Those of an older age who are looking into finding a drug rehabilitation program may have a much harder time finding treatment, but there are also options for them as well.

Healthcare, although limited by the government at the moment, is not non-existent. It’s also important to know that we as a whole have a voice and can speak out about the impact the new tax reform bill has on us. Be sure to reach out to the House Senate to voice your opinion and notify others of the impact it has on our health insurance and lack of coverage. This is especially essential to those looking for affordable drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs and facilities. Health insurance isn’t necessary for drug addiction treatment, but it is necessary since the bill has passed.