no insurance for drug or alcohol addiciton treatment

I Have No Insurance, What Treatment is Available to Me?

In For Addicts, Long-Term Recovery by Rebecca Flad

There are many instances in which an individual wouldn’t be able to pay for drug addiction treatment or a stay at a rehabilitation facility. Those suffering from homelessness, poverty or the financial toll their addiction has brought forward have options available to them, with or without insurance. If you have no insurance to cover hospital or treatment charges, you’re not alone, nor are you left out from receiving treatment for your addiction. There are many options available to you no matter where in the U.S. you may be located.

Free Drug Rehab

There are free options available for those with little to no insurance looking to recover from their addiction. Although these rehabilitation services and facilities are not as extensive and personal as paid treatment is, it is still treatment that can get you off of your addiction. Free drug rehabilitation treatment is made available to everyone depending on who is administering the treatment.

Whether it be a church or a local, state-funded, facility, you could qualify for completely free rehabilitation treatment with no insurance whatsoever. Here are some of those options:

Faith-Based Rehab

There are many faith-based groups and organizations that offer drug and alcohol recovery programs across the U.S. Some are nationwide, like the Christian Salvation Army, while others are much more local and restricted to certain areas. Many of these local rehabilitation centers offer full recovery support based on faith and religious tradition. Depending on your religion, there are faith-based rehabs available to you whether you’re Jewish, Christian, etc.

Faith-based rehabs often provide 12-step and detox programs aiming toward ridding you of your addiction via traditional rehabilitation. Services such as counseling, religious motivation, support groups and more are made available to you during your recovery. Some even offer in-patient programs at local facilities depending on your location and faith. Although many of these free drug rehab centers do not provide medical detox, leaving that treatment up to you on if and how you decide to fund it.

State-Funded Rehab

You may qualify free drug rehabilitation treatment through a state-funded rehab depending on your qualifications. Most states provide either complete or partial funding for drug and alcohol addiction recovery. These rehabilitation services are ideal for those affected with poverty or homelessness, as treatment doesn’t cost a thing unless you choose it to be more extensive than what’s being offered to you for free.

There are specific qualifications that factor in the type of state-funded rehab services that are available to you. These include:

  • Location of official residence
  • Income or lack of income
  • Insurance or lack of insurance
  • Citizenship
  • Type of addiction

Depending on the above, free treatment will vary. There may also be additional requirements before you’re completely accepted and covered under a state-funded rehab. With no insurance, this may be the way to go for some people looking to recover.

Other Options

If you have no insurance to cover a rehabilitation treatment facility or program, but also do not qualify for any of the above, there are still options available to you. This includes:

  • Local support groups. This isn’t extensive treatment, but it may be just what you need to finally kick your addiction. Consider researching any local AA groups if you’re suffering from an alcohol addiction.
  • Scholarships. Believe it or not, some scholarships offer treatment assistance depending on your income and addiction.
  • Loans. Consider applying for a loan with your desired drug rehabilitation facility, center or program. Financing is a common way of paying for addiction recovery without breaking your wallet in one go.
  • Friends and family. Reach out to any of your close relatives or friend who would be willing to help you in your troubles. It may be worth a shot to simply ask.

Despite what anyone tells you, there is always treatment made available to you no matter where you live in the U.S. or what conditions you’re living conditions are. Drug and alcohol addiction is a growing epidemic across America, so consider these options if you choose to not become another statistic.