the cost of rehab

How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost?

In Long-Term Recovery by Rebecca Flad

Believe it or not, the majority of those addicted won’t visit a treatment center due to the perceived cost of rehabilitation centers, facilities and programs. However, treatment cost varies depending where you choose to apply. Despite the cost of rehab, there would be a greater cost if there isn’t any treatment. This includes the expense of tending to the addiction, possibly missing out on work due to poor performance let on by the addiction and even funeral expenses should the addiction worsen and become deadly. It’s important to find drug rehabilitation solutions before things worsen.

Factors that Impact the Cost of Rehab

Treatment and Facility

In order to determine the most appropriate course of action, you must first determine which form treatment would be best for you or your loved one suffering from addiction. Depending on the addiction, one might consider a rehab center specializing in your addiction whether it be addiction to alcohol, heroin or even gambling. Different treatment costs more or less depending on your addiction.

The type of facility you decide to choose can impact the cost of rehab greatly. Inpatient facilities generally cost more than an outpatient facility does. This is due to the facility giving you a place to stay, food to eat and amenities to accompany you during your stay. Paying to stay at an inpatient facility means paying for everything included, even therapy. Consider an outpatient program if you’re paying directly out of pocket and are on a budget.

Program Length and Size

The cost of rehab can be greatly impacted on both the length and size of the treatment program you decide to choose. Smaller programs with less people can be costly due to the intimacy of the treatment. Larger programs that aid many people at once can make less of an impact on your pocket compared to intimate programs.

How long the program lasts can impact the cost of rehab as well, as longer programs will cost more than a shorter one. Some rehab centers give discounts when you stay enrolled longer, however. So consider finding a rehab with these kind of discounts.


Some states have a higher rehabilitation cost. This is due to the general cost of living in that state as well as the area surrounding the state. If you choose to enroll in a rehab program in urban New York, you could pay about $8,000. However, if you enroll in California near the beach, or even mountains, you could find yourself paying hundreds of thousands of dollars. Take the location into consideration. If you live in a costly rehab state, consider flying to an urban state where the rehab facilities are less expensive.

Paying Options for Rehab

Non-Profit vs. State Funded Facilities

Depending on your income, you could be eligible to enroll with non-profit organization that hosts rehab treatment. These organizations are usually free or low-cost depending on your eligibility. A great organization that offers rehab treatment includes the Salvation Army, so consider applying with them.

It is mandatory that both federal and state governments fund rehab facilities and programs made available to those who couldn’t pay for it otherwise. Depending on your eligibility, your treatment services can be as extensive as those offered by a paid-out-of-pocket facility.


Paying out of pocket is not necessarily realistic for everyone. Many self-paid treatment centers offer financing options depending on your credit history and other financing factors. Consider choosing a financing program to get treatment as soon as possibly without making too much of an immediate dent on your wallet. Choosing to finance is a route most people take when finding a rehab center.