Drug addiction and genetics

The Link Between Drug Addiction and Genetics

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Having a family history, unfortunately, makes you highly susceptible to drug addiction. Of course, you won’t randomly develop an addiction as you grow older, but if such drugs or substances are explored, you are taking the risk of quickly developing an addiction.

Addiction comes in many shapes and forms. Some forms of addiction include the following:

  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Gambling
  • Shopping
  • Pornography
  • And more…

Of course, the type of addiction we’re talking about is the addiction to substance and drugs such as alcohol, heroin, opioids, etc. These forms of addiction are 40%-60% a direct result of genetics.

The Link Between Drug Addiction and Genetics

When a person uses, consumes and/or injects a drug, it is instantly sent to the brain where the substance is recognized, interpreted and stored causing a euphoric and often pleasurable sensation. This sensation is remembered and then craved soon after it is processed and filtered from your body. It leaves an impression causing your brain to constantly desire the sensations. Addiction then kicks in when this desire and craving becomes constant and unavoidable. Drug addiction and genetics can be the blame for this disease half of the time.

When a constant user with a family history of addiction becomes addicted to a drug or substance, the chances of them battling their addiction and recovering are slim. Of course, anyone can become an addict and successfully recover, but a person with a genetic history with addiction exhibit more severe withdrawal symptoms. This directly causes the user to have a much harder time dealing with the withdrawal and therefore sobriety.

Withdrawal and cravings are the hardest part of a recovery. Someone with a genetic past aiming to recover would have a tough time due to the addiction already present in their genes prior to initial drug or alcohol consumption.

Check out these drug addiction and genetics facts:

Drug Addiction and Genetics